Infrared Thermography Reports

Thermographic Reporting

An example of the high level of service provided by IRIS Associates is the detail and quality found in the inspection report.

Report Summary

Our reports start with an executive summary. By reading this page, the customer quickly acquires the most important information regarding the results of the survey.

Anything exceptional found during the inspections or anything of special interest is noted here.

About the Report

This is a one-page description of how information is arranged on the report pages.

Reviewing this page helps those unfamiliar with infrared thermography inspection reporting to quickly understand and make use of the information in the report. 

Equipment List

This list documents what was inspected and functions as a checklist for future surveys.  IRIS Associates updates the body of equipment during each survey and provides an organized list.

The Equipment List is considered a living document. When upgrades take place between surveys, old equipment is removed and new equipment is installed.  At the time of the next survey, IRIS Associates updates the Equipment List to reflect the changes

Anomaly Reports

Each anomaly found during the survey is documented on a page of its own with a thermograph, a photograph, descriptions, temperature information, and a recommendation.


We’ve provided a sample report for your review. Download the report by clicking the image above or the following link: IRIS Associates Sample Thermographic Report


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