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  Applications of Infrared Thermography 


This page provides examples of typical infrared thermography inspection applications.  The examples are divided into the types of industries that IRIS Associates serves, and the kinds of equipment that are typically encountered.

Types of Industries:

  • Power Generation

  • Petro-Chemical

  • Coal Mining

  • Manufacturing

  • Wood Products

  • Metal Refining and Processing

  • Commercial Buildings

Electrical Equipment:

Some electrical systems may be large with an array of equipment ranging from high voltage substations to small control panels.  Other systems may be smaller with a limited variety of equipment containing only 480 volt distribution with some 120 volt outlets and lighting.

In either case, the reliability and safety of the system is important to the people at that location.  A "hotspot" that fails in service may have severe consequences regardless of the size of the system or equipment.

A typical electrical distribution system will contain some or all of the following kinds of equipment:

  • Outdoor High Voltage Substations

  • Indoor Power Centers

  • Overhead Cables, Splices, “T” Taps throughout the Facility

  • Bus Duct and Cable Drops

  • Motor Control Centers and other Motor Starters

  • Wall Mounted Disconnect Switches, Fuses, and Circuit Breaker Panels

  • Control Panels 

  • AC and DC Motors

  • Motors and Controls on Large Cranes

Boilers, Furnaces, and Refractory

Furnaces and other similar equipment that produce or contain heat usually have some kind of thermal insulation around the outside.  This serves to keep the heat in where it belongs and protect people from dangerously high surface temperatures on the outside.

A breakdown of insulation produces a hot area that the infrared camera easily sees.  Repairs can then be made before equipment failure or injury to personnel.

Commercial Buildings

The infrared camera is also very useful in finding abnormally warm or cool areas in commercial building envelopes.  Moisture in roofs and uninsulated sections of wall are among the important thing to identify in a building.   


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Sub Station

High Voltage



Power Plant



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and Chemical


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Hardwood Lumber




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and Boilers



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Wood Products

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