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Here are a few IRIS Associates images - digital and infrared.  Some images have explanations, while others stand alone.  Click on any of the thumbnail images to see a larger version of the picture.

The Fun Page shows some "non-industrial" images taken with the infrared camera and digital camera.

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Hot Fuse Normal Pic.jpg (34132 bytes)

Digital Image

Hot Fuse Before Repair.jpg (21922 bytes)

Before Repair

Hot Fuse After Repair.jpg (21177 bytes)

After Repair

A hot connection where the stab of a fuse is held by the fuse holder is common in motor starters and fused switches. 

One hazard is that the fuse will open due to heat from the connection.  This may stop the motor and possibly the entire process.  

Another danger is the possibility of fire.

A hot fuse connection such as this is usually simple to repair.
69kV Digital.jpg (35861 bytes)

Digital Image

69kV Before.jpg (23170 bytes)

Before Repair

69kV After.jpg (27378 bytes)

After Repair

Transformer radiators cool the oil by natural convection. Here you can see that  the center fin is  hot while  the other fins are not.  This is because the oil level is low and cannot reach all of the fins. After adding oil to the proper level, it reaches all of the fins.  This enables efficient cooling. 


Before Repair - 480 Circuit Breaker

Before Repair

After Repair - 480 Circuit Breaker

After Repair

This 480 volt main circuit breaker (left) protects a control circuit for an industrial process.  Note the top center and right phase cables.  

On the image taken after the repair, notice that the bottom center phase is beginning to heat up now.

Metal enclosed bus duct, with hot connection.

Hot bus connection is apparent on the right of three connections.


Hot Bus 1.jpg (39965 bytes)

Digital Image

Before Repair - Duct Bus

Hot Connection

Before - 4160 Volt Transformer.jpg (24220 bytes)

Before Repair

After - 4160 Volt Transformer.jpg (24700 bytes)

After Repair

On this 4160 volt transformer, the center phase high voltage bushings and the line connection is running hot. 

After investigation and repair all bushings and connections are normal.

The right phase bottom cable connection on this motor starter contactor is hot.

The same starter after repair.  The heat inside the contactor is from the electromagnet and is normal.

Motor Starter Before.jpg (30746 bytes)

Before Repair

Motor Starter After.jpg (30292 bytes)

After Repair

Pole Mounted Disconnect Before.jpg (46490 bytes)

Before Repair

Pole Mounted Disconnect After.jpg (56873 bytes)

After Repair

The tip of the blade on the center phase, and to a lesser extent the left phase, is hot on this 13.8 kV pole mounted disconnect switch.

After the repair (replacement in this case) all is fine.


Sub 4.jpg (23326 bytes)

Switch.jpg (24242 bytes) Normal transformer radiator.jpg (28399 bytes)

  Fun Page

Here are some non-industrial digital and infrared images from IRIS Associates library.  These fun images include infrared images of people or household objects.  The digital images are from IRIS Associate's travels..

child.jpg (25490 bytes)

teapot mountain.jpg (37250 bytes)

man.jpg (16294 bytes)

cotton field.jpg (56222 bytes)

cactus and mountain.jpg (42380 bytes)

SW PA Coal Country.jpg (31103 bytes)

mug.jpg (48696 bytes)

High Voltage Breaker.jpg (23192 bytes)   

kid.jpg (38779 bytes)

Refinery and Creek.jpg (42057 bytes)

ore bridge.jpg (38986 bytes)

Coal Processing.jpg (28172 bytes)


railyard.jpg (39016 bytes)


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