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  Infrared Links 

Below are a few links that you might find helpful regarding infrared and maintenance technology.  Click the name in the link column.

Infrared Training Center  Infrared Training Center's site explains the certification used by Iris Associates.

Snell Infrared Snell Infrared provides information about certifications and infrared thermography.  You can even test your IR IQ.
Maintenance Technology Magazine Website for a magazine about preventative and predictive maintenance technologies.

ProThermographer's Glossary  Here's a glossary of terms from the Professional Thermographer Asssociation.

Flir Learn more about infrared cameras and applications, including the model used by Iris Associates.

Infraspection Institute Learn more about the benefits and applications of infrared thermography.

Academy of Infrared Thermography This site gives more information about certifications and infrared thermography. 

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